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Tungsten Rings – The Hot New Trend

Posted by admin on October 11th, 2009

Tungsten carbide wedding rings have become extremely popular recently. Much of the popularity of tungsten wedding bands is due to two unique characteristics. First, tungsten carbide rings are roughly four times stronger than titanium alloy – another space age material. Second, tungsten carbide rings have a beautiful glow that never tarnish or dull as can happen with gold or silver wedding bands. If you are looking for a wedding ring that’s really going to last a lifetime, tungsten carbide is an excellent choice. After all, a wedding is supposed to symbolize the permanence in the relationship. What better way than using a metal that is stronger than time?

Tungsten Carbide Rings and Wedding Bands- An Emerging Trend

The durability of tungsten carbide wedding rings are attracting modern couples to this miraculous material. Tungsten carbide is resistant to normal the normal wear and tear suffered in traditional wedding bands. Fifty years into your marriage, you can be sure that the tungsten band will look as good as it did the day you put it on your finger.

Tungsten Rings Styles and Designs

Tungsten rings are available in many different styles. Because high polished tungsten bands are comparable to traditional rings, many people select polished finished bands. Tungsten rings are created with great attention to detail so as to eliminate flaws or imperfections. Tungsten carbide rings can be plated with gold or a black finish to provide a one of a kind appeal. Of course, precious stones can be added for an even more striking design in the tungsten ring or wedding band you choose. Tungsten bands will never lose their shape. This is a problem one often encounters with softer traditional metals used to create rings and wedding bands.

Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Rings

The hardness of tungsten can not be beat. Industrial tools are often formed of tungsten carbide as they will outlast stainless steel tools. The combination of tungsten with a nickel binder provides protection to your skin as well as the ring. Often body oils, perspiration, and household chemicals will damage rings and wedding bands. With a tungsten ring you never need to worry about the damage, as they will stand the test of time. The incredible hardness of tungsten carbide also means that your ring will not scratch or fade from daily use and wear. That wonderful finish, whether brushed or polished, is there for the long run.

Cost of Tungsten Rings

Tungsten carbide rings are quite reasonable in cost, especially when you look at the long-term benefits. You do not have to have your ring cleaned or polished after months of wear. You will never have to have a scratch repaired, as tungsten carbide is scratch proof. With tungsten carbide you do not have to replace a ring that has become worn, is misshapen, or bent. In general, tungsten wedding rings are an excellent investment providing years of beauty.

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