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Carbon Fiber Tungsten Rings – For the Stylish Individual

Posted by admin on October 25th, 2009

White Carbon Fiber Inlay Tungsten Ring 300x300 Carbon Fiber Tungsten Rings   For the Stylish Individual

Carbon fiber tungsten rings are the perfect fit for those who love to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Carbon fiber mixed with unique metals is the latest trend in today’s jewelry market.

Whether you are the type of man who always has to have the perfect accessories to his wardrobe or are looking for an amazing fashion forward men’s tungsten wedding ring, a carbon fiber inlay is an excellent choice.

Carbon fiber inlay rings come in a variety of colors and styles. Black carbon fiber inlay rings provide an amazing contrast to the permanent shine of tungsten. The inlay is typically set a bit narrower in the ring leaving the edges to contrast and highlight the woven carbon fiber. Tungsten carbide rings with black carbon inlays are among the hottest styles, and one of my personal favorites. The demand for these rings are sure to skyrocket..

Tungsten Ring Black Carbon Fiber Inlay 300x300 Carbon Fiber Tungsten Rings   For the Stylish Individual

On the other end of the spectrum you have the white carbon fiber inlay tungsten rings. The white carbon fiber inlay is an elegant and stylish design. With options like carbon fiber inlays as well as other designs, it is easy to see why tungsten rings are quickly becoming the preferred alternatives to white gold and platinum rings. The white carbon fiber inlay is very popular as a couples wedding band.

While carbon inlays in tungsten rings come in a multitude of colors and styles the most demand lies in black and white carbon fiber inlays with beveled edge or domed bands. The contrast of the tungsten carbide metal with the carbon fiber leaves the jewelry with an elegance and uniqueness which can not be matched by softer metals. Tungsten rings are scratch proof will not bend or scratch.

The style, durability and comfort available in carbon inlay tungsten rings are only limited by your imagination. Designs vary based upon the color choice of the carbon fiber inlay and the style of band one chooses.

Blue Carbon Fiber Inaly Tungsten Ring Carbon Fiber Tungsten Rings   For the Stylish Individual

If you are looking to add another step of personalization to your ring custom engraving is always an option. Who would have thought that pairing a tungsten carbide foundation with space age material such as carbon fiber would create such a unique in demand look. These rings have it all, a cutting edge style, world class design, and unsurpassed durability.

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5 Responses to “Carbon Fiber Tungsten Rings – For the Stylish Individual”

  1. Tungsten has a modern look and texture, and I really like the look of the inalys as well. Although I prefer a precious metal for my wedding band and jewelry in general, I see why these alternative metals like tungsten, titanium and stainless steel have caught on.

  2. Chris Perry

    I like this new trend in mens rings. I think the carbon fiber look is great with tungsten.

  3. [...] Carbon Fiber Tungsten Rings – For the Stylish Individual … [...]

  4. I’ve been looking everywhere for a black tungsten (preferably brushed) mens ring with black carbon fiber inlay. I can’t ssem to find the black on black anywhere-brushed or not. Do you have any suggestions? I found a ceramic one-are there any major differences between the tungsten and ceramic?

  5. Sheona the issue with finding a black tungsten ring with a carbon fiber inlay is that “black tungsten” rings are actually black plated tungsten rings. The black plating can not be put on prior to the inlay as the carbon fiber inlay has a clear protective layer on it which must be polished. This polishing will wear away the black plating. Also the plating can not be done after the inlay is placed as the coating over the carbon fiber would not be able to withstand the heat during the plating process.

    I have not seen a brushed version of this ring in either plated or non plated tungsten.

    The main difference between tungsten and ceramic is weight. Ceramic is light while tungsten carbide is quite heavy. Outside of that both materials are very durable and are used in a variety jewelry applications such as rings, bracelets, and watches.

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