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Black Tungsten Rings an Emerging Trend

Posted by admin on November 30th, 2009

Black Domed Tungsten Ring 300x300 Black Tungsten Rings an Emerging Trend

Black tungsten rings are becoming increasingly popular. They are wonderful additions to any ring collection. Not only are black tungsten rings unique and fashionable, they also have lasting strength and shine. No wonder black tungsten rings are emerging as the next big hit with trend setters in the fashion industry.

Black Ceramic Ring Carbon Fiber Inlay 300x300 Black Tungsten Rings an Emerging Trend

Black tungsten rings aren’t for only men, women are also sporting a variety of black tungsten ring styles. These rings and wedding bands come in various shapes and finishes to suit your unique style tastes.

Popular ring choices include the classic brushed black tungsten wedding band; black laser engraved Celtic designs, and black ceramic rings featuring a carbon fiber inlay. So if you’re simply looking for the perfect accessory to your everyday wear, your big day, or something to grab that someone attention at the club, you should definitely consider a black tungsten ring or black tungsten wedding band.

Black Argyle Tungsten Ring 300x300 Black Tungsten Rings an Emerging Trend

Black tungsten carbide rings are quite durable. They are created by applying an IP coating to tungsten rings. Compared to gold, which is a very soft metal, black tungsten jewelry is exponentially more durable. Being a heavy metal, tungsten it will not bend or mar. Black tungsten carbide is almost as hard as a diamond. It is shaped and polished very similarly to the diamond.

Black Tungsten Celtic Ring 300x300 Black Tungsten Rings an Emerging Trend

Instead of choosing very expensive and damage-susceptible materials such as platinum and white gold, more and more people are more turning to black tungsten rings for durability, practicality, elegance, and comfort.

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3 Responses to “Black Tungsten Rings an Emerging Trend”

  1. We haven’t had the greatest luck with the black tungsten rings. We tried out the black ceramic, but a lot of people don’t like that it is so light and they think it will break immediately. Do you see people ever get upset because they’re able to scratch the black part off their tungsten band?

  2. Great questions Wade. Black tungsten doesn’t actually scratch all that easily. I have a friend who tested his by rubbing it against concrete and brick with no signs of scratching or marring. It really all depends on the quality of the ring. Also the black color is a plating which can be reapplied if you purchase your ring from the right company.

    Now on to ceramic. Ceramic rings while lighter will never scratch. Think of all the quality items made or ceramic. There are even guns made of ceramic. So if you are interested in a ceramic ring I would not worry about it breaking.

  3. Black Tungsten are really appealing. I never thought about it. The design is attractive and looking nice. And those who want to spend less money, this is the best option for them.

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